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Food Info

Have a new kitten or cat and dont know where to start?​

Click here

Scottish Fold Kitten
Three Cats Playing
Training & Behavior

Do you live in the Bay Area and need help? Well even if you dont this Cat Behaviorist can do Skype - 

Dont give up hope- Click Here for info

Feeding Newborn Kitten
Emergency Essentials

Make sure you are prepared with food, carrier, meds, towels photo, vet , bedding bowls and other essentials download the ASPCA guide now and be prepared.

Cat Grooming
Cat Toys

- Make sure they are safe, not toxic & not easily to swallow. If a toy is a torn do not let your pet play with it. String & Yarn is NOT SAFE nor is RUBBER BANDS. 

Also switch out your pets toys for them to stay interested.

If you order a cat toy from us keep the ziplock bag and store the toy with it in the freezer - it will stay fresh this way.


Foster Care Guide


  • Preparing Your Home and Family

  • Kitten Growth Milestones

  • Daily Care for Orphaned Kittens

  • Grooming, Bathing, Socializing

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Medical Information & Concerns


You should not have to bath your cat. Now a kitten is a different story.


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