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Pet Guide

Now I am not a doctor or a vet just a cat who is awesome with Special needs. I do get seizures due to my brain being half the size of a normal awesome cat. Here are some things that have worked with me and my training of my people. 

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Things that help me 

I love coconut oil. I demand it every am after one of my persons gets out of the shower. My two favorite coconut oiis are Whole Foods  365 and lately I have been consuming Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. My Personal Assistant has a small jar in the bathroom for me and has a bamboo spoon and takes its a bit out and rubs in on her hands and I lick it off. Please do not put lotion on before trying this with your cat and wash your hands before and after. She also puts it on my brother Smokey for his skin allergy. You can get it at Whole Foods, Costco sells a huge tube so unless your person is going to use it too like my person does for cooking it may want to try a smaller one from Amazon. Plus you get a box to sit in...

Make them Behave

Now when you have cats you need to follow our needs. We like to be up high. So please have at least one cat tree. We each like to scratch some like something flat some like it angled etc. Rub Catnip on the scratching area and praise the cat. If you cat is using your chair as a scratching post put a vertical scratching post next to it.


Please get your cats spayed and neutered - This can be safely done when they are over 2lbs.  Consider these stats 

1st year3 litters = 12 offspring

2nd year=144 offspring

3rd year=1,728 offspring

4th year=10,736 offspring

Scary numbers....some counties give spay and neuter vouchers.

These people have donated towards our local no kill shelters. Donation of goods, services,and items that we auction, raffle or sell.



Food - I love it! 

Now if I had my choice I would eat raw chicken every day. I know some people thinks this is wrong but my person gets a small amount from a very good butcher and my brother and I share it. I also love steak and spicy beef with broccoli but dont try that with your own cats. 

My favorite dry food is Blue Buffalo they are 40% Protein and none of the gluten filler. They also have great litter. I love Fancy Feast wet food and Royal Canin wet food as well. Also scrambled eggs if you are making them.

Pet Support

I'm sure you know most of us hate the car and hate the vet. Please get a trusted cat sitter for us to come to the house to feed us. Prices can range depending on the frequency and if meds or fluids need to be given $15-$40 a day my person has paid.

  • Make sure thiis cat person is a cat person and comes over to meet your cat while you are still home

  • Write up specific instructions with your vets info and another cat friend who can possibly come over in an emergency

  • Make friends with your vet techs they often cat sit and know how to give meds and fluids.

  • Include photos of your of cats with your instructions 

  • Include your vets information and hours with your instructions

  • also do not change your bedding before your leave your scent comforts your pet while you are gone. If you can leave worn pjs for your pet even better!

Do's and Don'ts
  • If you have a kitten start touching it paws on a regular basis so they dont freak out when you want to do a mani/pedi. Do this mani/pedi when the cat is tired. 

  • Have fresh water in different areas of the house

  • Keep feeding to a schedule

  • Have two cats they get lonely

  • If you go away leave a T-shirt that you have worn to bed a few nights it will comfort the cat when you are away

  • If the cat poops outside the litter box when you are gone dont be mad. The cat thinks you are lost...arent we adorable?

  • Dont leave string or thread around it can make us very sick

  • Also most plants are toxic so please put them up high or put them in the cat free room...

  • Christmas Trees are toxic dont let us drink the water or chew on the tree- if we do chew on it and you see something foamy take us to ER.

Healthy Treats for Cats
  • Coconut Oil

  • Olives with the pits

  • Grass from the store

  • L-Lysine Treats

  • Orijen Treats

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