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Food Information

How often should you feed your cat?

Koko needs to be feed 4 to 5 times a day because he gets seizures due to him being born with only his right side of his brain. So most of other cats also eat 3 times a day. Most cats only need to be fed 2 x a day am and pm. Here is more specific information based on age.


What foods do we recommend?
Koko needs a high protein diet due to his seizures. So he gets a combo of wet food, dry food and raw. Plus the occasional  In and Out Burger ( the only hamburger he will eat - no cheese please) 

  • We are currently feeding Orijen Fit and Trim dry Cat Food - It is expensive esp if you order it online- try to find it locally- our cats also love their treats.

  • We are also feeding them Dr. Martys Nature's Feast which is a freeze dried raw food- 

  • Fancy Feast

  • Raw fresh local chicken breast from our local butcher - Yes a real butcher. 

  • Gerber Turkey or Chicken Food- This is has no garlic or onion which is toxic to cats and dogs- This is great protein and high in water. If your pet is sick this is a great supplemental meal to offer. You can even warm it up to make it more appealing to a pet who has not been eating.


How you can help your local shelters ?

  • Donate Monthly- Even $10 a month makes a difference​

  • Donate inkind items such as kittem & cat food, blankets, items the shelter can sell

  • Sign up for Smile Amazon and choose your local shelter as your charity and a portion of your purchase will be donated quarterly

  • Sign up for and shop via the links and a percentage of your purchase will be donated monthly

  • Have a skill set such as tech, CPA or PR contact your local shelter 

  • Can you knit or crochet? You can help by making these tiny sweaters for baby kittens-

The following list of organizations offer resources and assistance to dog and cat owners looking for help with vet bills or pet food..

  Click here for more information

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Licking Cat

What they need
What do Shelters need? Food, cleaning supplies, paper products, office supplies, and kitten fostering supplies- Most Shelters have an Amazon Wish list that you can search via Amazon- also check Smile Amazon to see if they are on the charity list- then use pick them as your charity- then each time you use "Smile Amazon" that charity will get a % donated by Amazon each quarter.

Love Story
Please send us your stories to share and photos. We love to hear about your pet love. 

Available Cats 
Find the right cat or cats for you search on Petfinder or Craigslist. Below is a link to

  1. Pets in Need

  2. Homeless Cat Network

  3. Tonis Kittens

  4. Bay Area Alliance for Animals

  5. Maine Coon Adoptions

  6. Cat Town Cafe Oakland

  7. KitTea Cat Cafe SF

  8. Dancing Cat San Jose

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