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About Us

Koko the miracle cat story.

I was stepped on at 2 months old by my previous person which had broken my jaw and my brain was exposed. They wanted to put me down but a vet saved my life. My new person met me at 3.5 months old she knew I was blind in one eye and recovering from head trauma much like Steve Young. A year later I started to have seizures and an MRI showed I only had half a brain literally. My left side is missing so I do not exactly speak like a regular full brain cat but my people understand me. I trained them and they are quick learners.  I also have a wife named Mia who is a gorgeous Siamese who likes to drink out of glasses. She likes to make pasta on the bed and does not like treats,,bonus for me!



Organic Catnip Donuts to help the cats at No Kill Shelters & TNR rescues.
All yarn is made in the USA and the catnip is also from the USA and Organic. All products are made with love and all proceeds go to Nine Lives Foundation. These can be purchased via Etsy or email me. Currently working to add buying to this site.


How you can help your local shelters ?

  • Donate Monthly- Even $10 a month makes a difference​

  • Donate inkind items such as kittem & cat food, blankets, items the shelter can sell

  • Sign up for Smile Amazon and choose your local shelter as your charity and a portion of your purchase will be donated quarterly

  • Sign up for and shop via the links and a percentage of your purchase will be donated monthly

  • Have a skill set such as tech, CPA or PR contact your local shelter 

  • Can you crochet or knit? Then you can make these tiny baby kitten sweaters and donate them-

Shop at businesses that support shelters - 

  • Rescue Chocolate - It’s fairly traded, handcrafted, kosher, organic and vegan and even has photos of rescued pets on the labels. But that doesn’t mean the chocolate is safe for animals; it’s only for human consumption. Click here to read more

  • ARM THE ANIMALS - They make great animal t-shirts and sweat shirts and proceeds go to animal shelters. Click here for more information

  • ANIMAL HEARTED -  Apparel for animal lovers! Shop animal hearted clothing for dogs, cats, pigs, horses, birds, reptiles and more! 25% of proceeds are donated to animal shelters. Click here for more information

  • PETBOX - The PetBox team has one mission each and every day: To find the healthiest, best pet products on the planet. They also team with shelters and rescues. You can order gifts for your cats and dogs on a monthly basis or one time gift. Please use code for a 10% discount     Click here for more information

Featured Topic

What they need
Cats Valley constantly needs  food, cleaning supplies, paper products, office supplies, and kitten fostering supplies

Love Story
Please send us your stories to share and photos. We love to hear about your pet love. 

Available Cats 
Find the right cat or cats for you search on Petfinder or Craigslist. Below is a link to

  1. Pets in Need

  2. Homeless Cat Network

  3. Tonis Kittens

  4. Bay Area Alliance for Animals

  5. Maine Coon Adoptions

  6. Cat Town Cafe Oakland

  7. KitTea Cat Cafe SF

  8. Dancing Cat San Jose

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